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best Comprehensive Learning Programs For 11th, 12th and droppers

Scholarship Up to 50%

you get up to 50% scholarship. Scholarship depends on your rank or marks; you obtained in our scholarship test

Weekly online /offline mock test

Chemistry mentor makes IIT-JEE exam preparation easier and a pleasant journey. Converts your efforts into a success. Make Question Booklets your supporter. Chemistry mentors’ mock test assures you to be a step ahead within the competition and achieve the desired success.

Chemistry mentor’s test series are how better in terms of quality since the mock tests are prepared by the expert range of faculties holding a decade of experience in the teaching on particular subjects. Every set provides a mock test to help you judge the level of papers.

Key Features

Personalized doubts clearing session

Personalized coaching with comprehensive doubt clearing sessions for the development of the student


We believe a two-way teaching method, i.e. explain the essential fundamentals to the students and involving them to resolve the problems in a step-by-step manner. This boosts their understanding also as increases their aptitude and confidence.

Reward for students

When students are given nothing but negative feedback, they’re going to feel beaten down and can lack any desire to put forth effort within the classroom. They know their efforts will only be met with criticism, so why even bother trying?

But when students are given positive feedback and are rewarded for a job well done, it’s only natural for them to continue to work hard and do their best.

Monthly performance report

We provide monthly progress reports to be able to communicate quickly and clearly to parents about their student’s progress!

This report can be used as a monthly communication tool for teachers and parents. Teachers can indicate if a student is on-level, above level, or below level by simply circling the level and/or writing in assessment scores. This progress report covers all academic areas and includes a section to report the behavior.

Notes facility

The study material for IIT-JEE, NEET & other medical and engineering entrance exams comprises of study notes, formulae sheets for different topics, and other learning tools which will make the retention of the concepts possible for a long time. Thus the students who are willing to ace the IIT-JEE must surely get their hands on our study material notes.

The study material has been compiled from various sources which have always been the topper’s choice for IIT-JEE. We have also kept in mind the requirements of JEE Main, JEE Advanced, BITSAT, NEET & Other engineering & Medical exams. The topics which are unique to both the exams have also been covered separately so that it serves as a one-stop solution for all your needs.